• Judith
  • Carol
  • Dorothy
  • GillC
  • Jane Hadfield
  • Angela
  • Lynn
  • Madeline
  • Ruth
  • Jenny Ridell

Group Statement

Threadmill was formed in 1995 by a group of like-minded artists in the North West of England. The members have a wide range of backgrounds; most have recognised vocational qualifications or degrees in Art and Design subjects and many also teach in schools and colleges. We all share an enthusiasm for creativity whilst using textiles as our principal means of artistic expression.

By working in a group we hope to provide support to the individual and therefore allow each artist to develop, by giving a focus and setting targets. We meet regularly to exchange ideas and are keen to explore new avenues. To create a group identity we work to a theme for each exhibition; this ensures that the work has a common link while allowing individuals to express themselves freely.

We are committed to the promotion of textiles as both a decorative and expressive art form and hope to increase awareness and education through our exhibitions and workshops.